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Dorothy Cross

An Artistic Eye

As part of our An Artistic Eye Series we asked Dorothy Cross: how do they become and artist? What is the best thing about being an artist? What do they all day?

About the Artist

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Howard Rheingold
The Millennium Whole Earth Catalog

In celebration of the Millennium, this was a revised and updated version of the original Whole Earth Catalog, long considered the “bible” of the counterculture/environmental movement since its appearance in the late 1960s and the very first Earth Day in 1973, when people were beginning to think about being green and sustainable. According to the […]

John Brinckerhoff Jackson
Discovering the Vernacular Landscape

Jackson views features of the landscape from historical and contemporary perspectives. In addition to the ordered political aspects of landscape such as roads, boundaries and fields, he identifies an equally important vernacular tradition linked with custom, adaptation and mobility. Different chapters focus on America’s agrophilia (love of horizontal spaces), stone as a building material, the […]

Hubert Butler
The Appleman and The Poet

The Appleman and the Poet, the fifth volume of Hubert Butler’s essays, completes a thirty-year odyssey embarked upon by The Lilliput Press in 1984. Beginning with ‘Russian Dispatches 1932–1946,’ Butler gives an evocative description – from the viewpoint of a bourgeois teacher – of a society in dissolution, before the onset of Stalin’s Great Purge, […]

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