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Artist Talk

Sven Anderson and Gerard Byrne

“There is now an expectation of visibility, from any place, at any time and by anyone.”

– Sven Anderson and Gerard Byrne on A Visibility Matrix

Dublin-based artists and long-term collaborators Sven Anderson and Gerard Byrne initiated A Visibility Matrix with an invitation to a distributed panel of artists, visual anthropologists, cinematographers, documentary filmmakers and others from across the globe. From the outset, A Visibility Matrix was speculative in nature, a project that included space for the unplanned and unpredictable. In this artists’ talk, Anderson and Byrne will reflect on the trajectory of the work from that invitation to its current form, and on how A Visibility Matrix relates to the politics and conditions of visibility. Read more about A Visibility Matrix here.

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Liliane Tomasko

Discover the world of Liliane Tomasko’s artistic practice through her insightful essay delving into her distinctive formal approach to painting and the nuanced choices that define her unique visual language.

Dr Aoife Brady
Researcher's Talk

The Douglas Hyde is delighted to share details of this upcoming talk by Dr Aoife Brady, Curator of Italian and Spanish Art, National Gallery of Ireland, which will focus on art historical references within Siobhán Hapaska’s exhibition Medici Lion. Booking required. Please use the link on this page to book your place.  

Ingird Swenson
Writer Response

As part of our Response Series, The Douglas Hyde is delighted to announce a Writer’s Response where curator and writer Ingrid Swenson will respond to the work of Siobhán Hapaska and her exhibition Medici Lion.

To every action

The Douglas Hyde is delighted to present a new music session with music assemble Kirkos as part of our First Thursday series. Through this new series of late openings, the gallery becomes a space for hosting unexpected, experimental practices across multiple artforms from live music and expanded cinema to performance and spoken word. Join us each […]

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