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Bea McMahon

Dear Wattana & Sock Horror

We are delighted to present the sixth screening in this series with two works by artist Bea McMahon.

In the collaborative performance Dear Wattana, Sonia Kacem and Bea McMahon created a correspondence to Wattana, a Bornean Orangutan (living in the Apenheul Primate Park in the Netherlands) renowned for her skills in tying complicated knot installations which she later dismantles. The performance and its video documentation took place as part of Kacem’s contribution to the group exhibition Éloge du carburateur in Le Printemps de Septembre biennale in Toulouse 2018. Using Kacem’s habitual sculptural materials as devices of expression, during the performance the two artists interlace gesture and materials: how can objects catalyse movement? how can a body be regulated by an object? how do intuitive practices relate to discursive expression?

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