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Chloe Brenan

Different Dusts

Presenting artist Chloe Brenan’s film Different Dusts (2021) as part of our ongoing online Screening Series.

Chloe Brenan’s work captures the quiet poetic moments of daily life; the shadows cast by a hand, the splash of a river swim and the passing of a cloud. Chloe’s approach is spurred by scientific enquiry and spreads across disciplines, this work in particular conservation and meteorology. However these beautiful scenes contribute to a wider conversation, humanity’s phenomenological position within the natural world in regard to climate change and the biodiversity crisis.

Different Dusts is a non-narrative, experimental Super 8mm film and sound work. Gestural hands play the invisible cords of a theremin (an electronic airborne musical instrument) and exemplifies the sensitivity of the body in exploring intuition and tacit knowledge. The theremin is a motif that signals the liveness of touch beyond physical contact and acts as a sensor for closeness that cannot be gauged by human perception alone.

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