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Dennis McNulty

We Dream in Actions

We are delighted to present the fifth screening in this series by artist Dennis McNulty.

Working across diverse media, McNulty explores the embodied experience of space and time, often within the built environment. His work is informed by his background in electronic music, his training as a structural engineer, and studies in psychoacoustics (sound perception); frequently employing custom built hardware and software to produce audio visual works, sculptural installations and performances.

We Dream in Actions (2019) begins within a physical space, the National Stadium in Dublin on Saturday 7th September 2019 at Club Comfort’s Comfort Carnival, a day long celebration of island wide communities centred on art, DIY culture, and dance. Kate Butler’s introduction references McNulty’s work in the electronic duo Decal, in particular their release of the first Irish electronica album in 1994.  Rather than addressing the audience directly as expected, McNulty plays a sound recording of one of his explorations on the capabilities of a sequencer for a time machine, accompanying the spoken text with live music.

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