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Elisabeth Subrin


We are delighted to share American filmmaker and artist Elisabeth Subrin’s renowned work Shulie (1997) as part of our ongoing screening series.

Working across experimental and narrative forms and often through recreation and re-enactment, Subrin’s work seeks intersections between history and subjectivity, investigating the nature  of psychological “disorder,” the legacy of feminism, and the psychic impact of recent social and political history.

In this 1997 film, Subrin recreates almost shot-for-shot a 1967 unreleased documentary by male graduate students about the so-called “Now” generation at the Art Institute of Chicago. Its protagonist is writer and artist Shulamith Firestone, then a 22 year old student, who just three years later would go on to publish The Dialectic of Sex: The Case for Feminist Revolution (1970), one of the founding texts of radical feminist thought.

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