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Letter to a Refusing Pilot | Akram Zaatari

O’er the Land | Deborah Stratman

These films were selected by Vic Brooks, Lucy Raven and Evan Calder Williams of 13BC to coincide with their current exhibition Fatal Act as the second instalment in a curated series of screenings.

O’er the Land is an essayistic film examining militaristic culture in the U.S. through the story of Lt. Colonel William Rankin, a pilot who survived an emergency ejection at 48,000 feet. The film is 52 minutes long and is screened courtesy of the artist.

Letter to a Refusing Pilot offers another portrait of a pilot which was originally screened at the 55th Venice Biennale. Zaatari describes of his work, “The importance of the story is that it gives the pilot a human face…I think it’s important to remember in times of war that everyone is a human being. Taking it to this level humanizes it completely, and we’re not used to this at all.” The video is 34 minutes long and is screened with kind permission from Video Data Bank.

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