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Skin&Blister @ The Douglas Hyde

The Douglas Hyde will host Skin&Blister at the gallery on Thursday 9 March for an experimental electronic dance night as part of our Music Sessions series. Skin&Blister is a platform that supports female, trans, and non-binary DJs and creatives, fostering safe and progressive dance floors across Dublin. 

Skin&Blister have handpicked a promising line-up, including Ruby Red, whose genre-fluid sets are filled with female vocals and empowering rhythms. With Niaj, Irish, and British influences Alice’s heavily-charged performances blend genres from garage to afrobeat. ÓIR’s sets bring a fun and lively atmosphere to the dancefloor, with chunky and bouncy numbers. 


7:30–8:15 Ruby Red (Renée Mackey) 

8:15–9:00 Alice (Alice Ugbah) 

9:00–10:00 ÓIR (Orla King) 

The event will also feature moving image works by artists Aisling Phelan, Anna Heisterkamp, and Eva Martin. Aisling Phelan will present ‘Life Untethered’, making use of 3D animation and virtual physics to create a zero gravity environment in which two bodies float in space, searching and seeking to connect, yet remaining out of reach. As a director of artist-centred music videos, Anna Heisterkamp will show a series of clips from her practice, collected and re-purposed within a new context. Eva Martin’s work takes the shape of hand-drawn, abstract, analogue animations, translating materiality into the digital sphere. 

This is a free event, but booking is required and tickets are limited. Please complete the booking form from the link in this section.


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About the Artists (Moving Image artworks)

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