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A photograph of a record sleeve with the black vinyl coming halfway out of it.

Liliane Puthod


Frystatic is a pitch test, a sonorous perspective, taking a tangent to David Lunney’s work by interweaving traditional Irish tunes within electronic sound fields. By expanding throughout soft repetitive melodies layered with entropic sound effects, the mix recalls the mirror surfaces composition and colourful geometrical patterns visible in the artist’s drawings and sculptures.


Frystatic stands for a moment of disruption, a technological interruption within an environment. It is the glitch, the malfunction, the surge of current, the beep, the hissing noises that reverb, the echo discontinued. It is the point of transition that affects our surroundings and changes our perception of a landscape within a second. It is both the frozen and warped information. It is the ‘no signal’ modulating noise enveloping our screens and our ears.


Frystatic includes two listening sessions lasting approximately 20 minutes each. Missed Calls consists of a series of 24 ringtones made from selected fragments of traditional Irish tunes played in real time on the mandolin and reshaped digitally during a latter process. Trip to the Glen is a suspended reverie buzzing through intermittent kaleidoscopic string melodies along with recurrent pulses moving us between Dublin Mountains’ seasonal landscapes and Dublin City’s industrial atmospheres.


Frystatic is a one-off experimental and collaborative soundscape created between visual artists Liliane Puthod and David Lunney in response to David Lunney’s artworks exhibited as part of From Here to There in Douglas Hyde Gallery. Each Thursday at 6pm until the end of the exhibition, Puthod’s sound response to David Lunney’s work will be played in the Gallery.

The sound collage is available at The Douglas Hyde’s Soundcloud channel.  

SIDE A| Frystatic Missed Calls: here.

SIDE B | Frystatic Trip to Glen: here.

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