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Safehouse A Side / B Side | Beatriz Santiago Muñoz

X The Unknown | Leslie Norman

These films were selected by Vic Brooks, Lucy Raven and Evan Calder Williams of 13BC to coincide with their current exhibition Fatal Act as the third instalment in a curated series of screenings.

Safehouse A Side / B Side (2018) is a two-channel video by the Puerto Rican artist and filmmaker Beatriz Santiago Muñoz. The work examines the history and the material culture of the guerrilla group the Armed Forces of National Liberation (in Spanish: Fuerzas Armadas de Liberación Nacional; FALN). On Safehouse Muñoz writes, “Three actors perform gestures that we could imagine might take place in a clandestine apartment, but they also listen to music, eat, and take pleasure in being by themselves and developing a way of being together…The conversation circles around related ideas: from our responsibility to imagine a complex assemblage of past events, ideas, and people to resistance and a persistent desire for new images and forms to think about these ideas.”

Safehouse A Side / B Side is 20 minutes long and is screened courtesy of the artist.

X the Unknown is a 1956 science fiction film directed by Leslie Norman and produced by Hammer Film Productions. The film details the efforts of a small group of scientists to combat a mysterious radioactive substance that has surfaced in the Scottish highlands. X the Unknown communicates a sense of dread concerning the proliferation of nuclear technology, manifested through a movie monster that is generally unseen and almost impossible to either understand or control.

X The Unknown is 1 hour 21 minutes long and is screened with permission from Park Circus, Glasgow.

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