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Summer Film Screenings

Somewhere to Disappear & Waking Life

Somewhere to Disappear

Directed by Laure Flammarion and Arnaud Uyttenhove / 2010 / USA / 57 mins

Thursday, August 11 at 5pm and Thursday, September 15 at 5pm

A documentary that follows Alec Soth’s journeys around America and the people he encountered while making his Broken Manual project.


Waking Life

Directed by Richard Linklater / 2001 / USA / 101 mins

Thursday, September 8 at 5pm

A surreal animated journey that centres on a young man wandering through a succession of dream-like realities wherein he meets a series of individuals who willingly engage in insightful philosophical discussions about the nature of reality, consciousness, the meaning of life, free will, and existentialism.

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