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A digitally produced image of a lilac sky and sea, the horizon line is yellow and half of the pink sun is showing at the top centre of the image.

Yuri Pattison


We are delighted to present the first iteration of our screening series with a new work by Yuri Pattison, considered to be one of the most influential young artists addressing the impact of digital technology on both infrastructure and everyday life. Pattison works across video, sculpture, and online platforms to explore the political, material and social consequences of the rapid development of technology. His works move across platforms and materialities, connecting off- and on- line spaces.

We are working with Pattison to realise a large-scale installation for Gallery 1 which will now open later this year. This newly commissioned body of work considers our shifting relationship with time; how networked technology has re-orientated this relationship and in turn changed our perceptions of reality. Having exhibited extensively internationally at an early stage in his career, this will be Pattison’s first solo exhibition in a major institution in Ireland.

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