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Dr. Fernando Sánchez-Migallón Cano
Curator's Tour | Painting in the expanded Field

In this tour, our Learning and Engagement Curator, Dr. Fernando Sánchez-Migallón Cano will unfold the notion of ‘expanded painting’ within Eric N. Mack’s exhibition Scampolo! Considering the seminal 1979 essay by Rosalind Krauss entitled Sculpture in the Expanded Field the term expanded painting looks at artworks and artists that are deeply related to the medium of painting, […]

Autumn Knight
Artist Reponse

As part of our Response Series The Douglas Hyde is delighted to announce an Artist’s Response where artist Autumn Knight will respond to the work of Eric N. Mack and his current exhibition Scampolo!  

Ava Chapman
Student Forum Tour: Scampolo! by Eric N. Mack

Thursday 7 April, 6pm Ava Chapman, a Student Forum Group member of the Douglas Hyde Gallery, will be facilitating a tour of Eric N. Mack’s exhibition Scampolo!. The tour will focus on the interdisciplinary nature of Mack’s work and the attention to location & place in the artwork. We will focus on the texture and movement […]