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Student Forum Project

Student Forum Group

We are delighted to announce the launch of the third iteration of The Douglas Hyde Magazine! RE- is a forum for experimental and plural perspectives on the role of art in society, initiated and delivered by The Douglas Hyde Student Forum Group 2021/2022. The Student Forum Group is Ava Chapman, Matthew Coll, Rachel Gartlan, Bill […]

Rachel Heavey
Student Forum Tour: Family Lines

In this tour, artist and Student Forum Member Rachel Heavey will explore the multiple themes addressed by Alice Rekab in their exhibition Family Lines.  Booking required. Please complete the booking form from the link in this section.

Cáit Murphy
Student Forum Tour: Reading Room Forty-two by Leslie Hewitt

In this tour, Cáit Murph would like to pose questions about screens, technology, memory, and meaning in relation to Leslie Hewitt’s Reading Room: Forty-Two (2019). Reading Room: Forty-Two is a 42-minute long text-based html programmed moving-image work, which appears as a continuous scroll of words that Hewitt collected while researching the National Memorial African Bookstore. The […]

Ava Chapman
Student Forum Tour: Scampolo! by Eric N. Mack

Thursday 7 April, 6pm Ava Chapman, a Student Forum Group member of the Douglas Hyde Gallery, will be facilitating a tour of Eric N. Mack’s exhibition Scampolo!. The tour will focus on the interdisciplinary nature of Mack’s work and the attention to location & place in the artwork. We will focus on the texture and movement […]

A Student Forum response to The Douglas Hyde archive
Old Invitations

Since March 2018, we’ve been celebrating 40 years of The Douglas Hyde, looking back through The Douglas Hyde archive on Instagram under the hashtag #dhgat40, and gathering reflections from artists and audiences. On 28 February, we will conclude our year-long anniversary celebrations with a special exhibition and series of performances over one afternoon and evening, curated […]