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The Artist's Eye

Diana Bamimeke
Attend To It

When I visit a show I want to write about, I have to spend a long time with it if I’m going to write about it in any meaningful way. I pack my bag with my supplies: my notepad, my pencil and two pens, a black one and a blue one. Despite its unassuming tools […]

Éireann and I
Race, place and belonging: food and heritage

In this workshop, facilitated by Éireann and I, we invite you to share and celebrate your cultural food practices. Our food practices can be a ritual, an act of celebration, and a way to document our family histories. Participants will prepare and bring a dish and a corresponding food story. Using various artistic mediums we […]

Alice Rekab & Éireann and I
Exhibition Opening

Join us for the opening of our forthcoming exhibitions by artist Alice Rekab  alongside Éireann and I, an archive of Black life for black migrants in Ireland, on Thursday 30 June, 6 – 8pm. The Douglas Hyde is delighted to present a newly commissioned solo exhibition by artist Alice Rekab. Through a multidisciplinary practice of film, […]

Diana Bamimeke
Writer Reponse

As part of our Response Series The Douglas Hyde is delighted to announce a Writer’s Response where Curator and Writer Diana Bamimeke will respond to the work of Éireann and I and their current exhibition in Gallery 2 as part of The Artist’s Eye programme.  

Cáit Murphy
Student Forum Tour: Reading Room Forty-two by Leslie Hewitt

In this tour, Cáit Murph would like to pose questions about screens, technology, memory, and meaning in relation to Leslie Hewitt’s Reading Room: Forty-Two (2019). Reading Room: Forty-Two is a 42-minute long text-based html programmed moving-image work, which appears as a continuous scroll of words that Hewitt collected while researching the National Memorial African Bookstore. The […]

Eric N Mack & Leslie Hewitt
Weekly Tours

Gallery staff will give informal lunchtime tours of the exhibitions by Eric N. Mack and Leslie Hewitt each Saturday at 2pm until the shows end on May 29, 2022. All are welcome and there is no need to book a place.