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Éireann and I
Race, place and belonging: food and heritage

In this workshop, facilitated by Éireann and I, we invite you to share and celebrate your cultural food practices. Our food practices can be a ritual, an act of celebration, and a way to document our family histories. Participants will prepare and bring a dish and a corresponding food story. Using various artistic mediums we […]

Éireann and I
Race, Place and Belonging

You’re invited to join us in examining what makes a family archive. Letters, photographs, diary entries, postcards, trinkets. The objects we inherit often reflect our own history and share the same narratives of movement and displacement as we do. How do the items we hold dear to us connect us to our lineage? What do […]

A photograph of a corner of a frame. The frame is embellished with different lines of thread, wool and varied materials.
David Lunney
Workshop: Layers of Making

Layers of Making is a workshop by artist David Lunney exploring his string wrapping processes. In Lunney’s practice, all surfaces are decorated and adorned, often with neat rows of colourful strings, wools, ribbons and beads. Through the act of making Lunney will guide the participants through these processes and, in doing so elucidate some of […]

TY Project Workshop
Creative Thinking: Sharing our Stories with Aoife Barrett and Kate O’Shea

The Douglas Hyde, in collaboration with students from our TY Work Experience Project, is offering a one day workshop for TY students across the country. This workshop will give participants the opportunity to engage in creative thinking through a printing and zine (mini publication) making workshop.

Deirdre Murphy
A Body of Noise

In this movement- and sound-based workshop, writer, composer and choreographer Deirdre Murphy will explore one of the key systems of our species: community. It will be a radical look at the contexts in which we have meaningful interaction. Participants will tune in with their bodies, voices and the room through a series of task-based exercises. There will be humming and […]

Movement workshop with Ruairí Ó’Donnabháin
No Church in the Wild

Choreographer and artist Ruairí Ó’Donnabháin (Oileán Chléire, Co. Chorcaí) will facilitate a workshop in dialogue with artist Jumana Manna’s (Palestine) exhibition Wild Relatives. The workshop will focus on listening as an aesthetic practice of care and pose the question: how can we have an embodied response through movement and choreographic protocols to Manna’s work, taking the […]