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Plastic boxes with toys inside

Liz Magor

The Rise and The Fall

The Douglas Hyde is delighted to present the first solo exhibition in Ireland by renowned Canadian artist Liz Magor. For over four decades Magor’s practice has primarily centred on sculpture, exploring our persistent and complicated relationship with things. Using various sculptural techniques Magor transforms ordinary objects into new forms which are located somewhere between still life and the uncanny. Things such as blankets, food containers, clothing and toys are found in unexpected relationships that generate a sense of care and meaning beyond their original use or function.

Titled The Rise and The Fall, the exhibition presents a focused selection of works produced over the last five years that explore our relationship with the material world, inviting us to examine the tension between attraction and disinterest. Magor transforms muted, everyday objects into active, concerned protagonists. Whether it’s a weathered coat, discarded toy, or empty sweet wrappers, the works are a recognition of the eloquence of materiality, allowing the items we accumulate and discard throughout our lives an opportunity to express their vibrancy.

The exhibition is organised by Focal Point Gallery in collaboration with the Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver and is presented in partnership with The Douglas Hyde, and Fondazione Guiliani in Rome. It will tour to Fondazione Giuliani this Autumn, opening on 27 October 2023 and running until 27 January 2024.

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