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A photograph of curtain of ten lines of light bulbs hanging near the wall and sprawled out on the gallery floor.

Félix González-Torres

Félix González-Torres

This month as part of our From the Archive Project, we would like to thank Carlos Palacios for contributing to the series. He wanted to look back at the exhibition by Félix González-Torres, which took place in 1999. In response, we have created this page compiling some images of the installation, and list of the artworks linked to the Félix González-Torres Foundation’s database of images. We have also linked a review from the time by Aidan Dunne.

This was González-Torres first solo exhibition in Ireland after one of his works from 1994, Untitled (America) was part of EV+A 1996. The exhibition at the DHG included examples of the artist’s less familiar early works and some well-known pieces such as Untitled (Stockholm) from 1992 (above image). Outside the Gallery, six billboards in different locations across Dublin (Terenure North Road, Kevin Street, Macken Street, Gardiner Place, Annesley Place and North Circular Road) carried González-Torres’ artwork Untitled from 1995. The black and white image of a single bird flying high in the sky stood out amid the text-heavy advertising signage that dominated the city. Devoid of the text, logos, or captions typically associated with billboards, this work prompted a second look or even a momentary pause, allowing the bypassers to encounter and enjoy contemporary art outside the gallery space.

The From the Archive Project spotlights previous exhibitions and events by sharing valuable materials from our archive on the gallery website. This audience led project, invites you to suggest an exhibition, artwork or moment you remember from visiting the DHG. Suggest your favourites by emailing our learning and engagement curator, Fernando Sánchez-Migallón Cano, or contacting us on Instagram or Twitter.

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