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Learn & Engage

Are you curious about contemporary art? Whatever your knowledge – from newcomers to enthusiasts – engage, join in and learn more!

A photograph of a sculpture made of different terracotta pipe parts is on the gallery floor. A man and a woman stand behind it and are in conversation.
A photograph of a projected image of green rushes and subtitles. The room is dark and there is an outline of a group of people sitting down and watching.
A man wearing a navy jacket and black backpack with his arms crossed, grinning to a man in a grey hoody, his back is turned and his face is not visible.


Join one of our guided themed tours as a great way to get to know The Douglas Hyde, our exhibitions, and the artists that we work with in more detail.

Are you an art teacher? Or keen to bring students to the gallery? Or looking for something else? We are happy to deliver theme-specific or exhibition-specific tours with advance notice. Please feel free to contact us with your ideas.

To book or enquire about a tour contact our Learning and Engagement Curator, Fernando Sánchez-Migallón Cano at


Open House 2022

Open House is an annual three-day festival of architecture, opening up usually inaccessible architectural treasures to the public with a programme of tours and talks. A renowned example of Brutalist architecture, The Douglas Hyde Gallery will participate in Open House 2022 with a morning-long programme of tours. Join us on 15 October 2022 for tours […]

Student Forum

The Student Forum is a group of students and recent graduates who engage with The Douglas Hyde Gallery and its programming in different ways over a period of twelve months. This includes participating in reading and discussion groups, leading tours of our exhibitions and group trips to exhibitions and events. Through these engagements, Student Forum members bring their own research and artistic practices into reflections on the artworks they see, as well as into an ongoing interrogation of the purpose and possibilities of the gallery space.

Student Forum Group 2021 | 2022

The Student Forum is a group of students and recent graduates who engage with The Douglas Hyde Gallery and its programming in different ways over a period of twelve months.

A black and white pencil drawing of a boxing ring.
Rendering New Realities: Access and Alterity

The theme of Access and Alterity (the quality or condition of being other or different; otherness) emerged as a point of departure to reflect on new perspectives on the role of art, and they have adopted this online interactive magazine format and a presentation of their individual and collaborative projects at the gallery for Culture Night 2021.

NEW Realities: Understanding Isolation

Welcome to NEW Realities: Understanding Isolation, the first iteration of the DHg online magazine! This is a new forum for experimental and plural perspectives on the role of art in society, initiated and delivered by the DHg’s Student Forum.

A Student Forum response to The Douglas Hyde archive
Old Invitations

Since March 2018, we’ve been celebrating 40 years of The Douglas Hyde, looking back through The Douglas Hyde archive on Instagram under the hashtag #dhgat40, and gathering reflections from artists and audiences. On 28 February, we will conclude our year-long anniversary celebrations with a special exhibition and series of performances over one afternoon and evening, curated […]

TY Project

The TY Project provides young people the opportunity to pursue creative ideas that question and explore the boundaries of art. The project is primarily aimed at young adults aged 15–18, people at key stages of their formative years and life regarding school subject choices, college courses and decisions relating to future careers. Our TY Project aims to ignite a passion for the arts and culture through workshops, talks and activities fostering creativity and critical thinking focusing on learning how to interpret the world around us through collaborative and interdisciplinary workshops and discussion.

Transition Year Work Experience at The Douglas Hyde

Are you in Transition Year? Would you like to know more about art? Do you want to find out about how galleries work? Through a series of daily group meetings and workshops, as well as self-directed research, the groups will design and develop an online learning event as part of the 2023 DHG programme.

TY Festival 2022

Are you in Transition Year? Are you into art and art-making? Join us at our first TY Festival. TY Festival is a day-long programme for transition year students and home-educated students from across the country (aged 15 to 18) to learn, play and explore their creativity through art-making workshops.