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Mairead O'hEocha

via An Lár

This month as part of our From the Archive Project, we would like to thank William Lyons for contributing to the series. William wanted to look back at the exhibition by Mairead O’hEocha, via An Lár, which took place in 2011. In response, we have updated this page to include installation images and images of the artworks included in the exhibition, as well as links to a selection of reviews from the time.

We have also included the now sold out exhibition catalogue, which was published to coincide with O’hEocha’s subsequent exhibition in Gallery 2 in 2014. The publication considered via An Lár, in the context of the body of work exhibited in 2014, including a re-print of Isobel Harbison’s review of ‘via An Lár’ originally published in Frieze.

The From the Archive Project spotlights previous exhibitions and events by sharing valuable materials from our archive on the gallery website. This audience-led project invites you to suggest an exhibition, artwork or moment you remember from visiting the DHG. Suggest your favourites by emailing our Learning & Engagement curator, Fernando Sanchez ( or contacting us on Instagram or Twitter.

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