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Welcome to Mosaic, the fourth iteration of The Douglas Hyde Magazine! The Magazine is a forum for experimental and plural perspectives on the role of art in society, initiated and delivered by The Douglas Hyde Student Forum Group 2023

The Student Forum Group 2023 are all students or recent graduates from across Ireland and multiple disciplines who have engaged with The Douglas Hyde programming over the last twelve months. When they first met in January of 2023, Identity/Community quickly emerged in discussion as the key theme the group wanted to explore over the coming year. Conversations flowed around selfhood and personal memories, which moved towards ideas of shared cultural memory informing how we perceive and are perceived by the world. The inextricable nature of identity and community was also raised; to have an identity is by extension to be part of a community, and belonging to a community lends the individual an identity. The title, Mosaic, the bringing together of distinct elements to form a coherent whole, reflects this logic.

Perspectives presented by each member of the group vary; from lived experiences to imagined futures, to the evaluation of our engagement with the world around us. Each contribution offers us an opportunity to think, engage, reflect and imagine.

Hard copies of the magazine are available at the gallery. The digital version can be downloaded from the link on this page.