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Maya Bushell

my line for today is just this

An image of a series of five collages. The first is of a white girl in the foreground, a black and white image showing the scaffolding of a room, a white boy placed on the left and a blue house in the background. The second image shows the lying down torso of a white man, a cabinet with drinks on top of it and an old fashioned TV screen with a picture of a black woman placed upside down. The third image is of a group of pelicans, the back of a white brown haired woman and in the background is a section of an apartment block. In the fourth, there is an image of jail gates turned horizontally, an image of a white old bearded man at the centre, a white man holding a flag is positioned behind his head and there is a grey mound and a wooden ball behind this. The fifth image has a mahogany crucifixion, a dried leaf behind the figure and a table of oranges, lemons and limes aligned with the outstretched arms.
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