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Artforum | November 2022


Artforum is an international monthly magazine specializing in contemporary art. Artforum is published monthly from September through May along with an annual summer issue.

This month in Artforum:

Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer on the art of Tala Madani
“Looking at her paintings can be nauseating and breathtaking at once. She bludgeons her way to the sublime.”

Solomon Adler on Martin Wong’s Eureka years
“Eureka epitomized for Wong a national condition of erosion—a condition to which many of his works were ultimately fated.”

Lila Lee-Morrison on Kids and the surplus of the image
“The experience of being turned into an image, into something imagined through Larry Clark’s artistic vision, intervened in my life as both a record and a projection.”

John Belknap introduces a portfolio by Jimmy DeSana and Terence Sellers
“In print for the first time are inspired scenes of bondage, discipline, dominance, and subjection from DeSana’s 1978 series “The Dungeon”—early works from a brilliant and still undersung artist.”

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