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Artforum | October 2021


Artforum is an international monthly magazine specializing in contemporary art. Artforum is published monthly from September through May along with an annual summer issue.

On the cover of Artforum’s October issue is an exuberant tessellation by Joyce Kozloff, one of the pioneers of Pattern and Decoration and a touchstone of Lynne Cooke’s formidable article on “the last of the strategically organized art movements of the twentieth century.” Cooke carefully takes stock of four celebrated museum exhibitions that have thrust P&D back into the spotlight after years of critical neglect. “The interrelated concepts of decoration, ornament, and pattern are anything but universal, monolithic, and fixed,” she argues, scrupulously attending to the gaps and schisms in received narratives.

Also in October:

– Todd Haynes speaks with contributing editor Amy Taubin about his new documentary on the Velvet Underground

– Critic and art historian Hal Foster does a deep dive into Ed Atkins’s “The Worm,” 2021

– Contributing editor Tim Griffin surveys the art of Robert Longo

– Lloyd Wise introduces a portfolio by Diane Severin Nguyen

– Daniel Birnbaum considers the life of Christian Boltanski and Audrey Wollen remembers Kaari Upson

– Artist Raque Ford shares her Top Ten

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