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ArtReview | November 2021


Founded in 1949, ArtReview is one of the world’s leading international contemporary art magazines, dedicated to expanding contemporary art’s audience and reach, and tracing the ways it interacts with culture in general.

In its November issue ArtReview takes a look at the social economies of the artworld.

In the cover feature, J.J. Charlesworth examines the sometimes-controversial work of Renzo Martens and the Dutch artist’s treatment of the exploitation of suffering in relation to Africa and Europe, and the relationship of extraction between Western media systems and their subjects. Martens’s broader project is to place the economics of the artworld in the context of the economics of the ‘real’ world, or cultural consumption in the context of primary commodity consumption.

Also featuring: Rosa Aiello, Haneda Sumiko, Lynda Benglis, Shirin Neshat, Catherine Balson.