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Published in 2012, Know documents the Douglas Hyde Gallery’s 2011 exhibition programme with images from each exhibition and a text which illuminates some thoughts and ideas relating to the shows and the connections between them. The book is presented in the same format as The BridgeQuestions of Travel, and Saunter.

The culture in which we currently live is obsessed with materialistic values; it also seems incapable, or certainly unwilling, to make the radical changes in approach and outlook that would improve our shared lot. What are the appropriate ways of dealing with this predicament? Should we ignore it? Try to hide? Be anxious? Dream about a better life? Or, perhaps, simply stay awake and pay attention, taking each step and making every choice in our ordinary lives with care and affection?
From the foreword by John Hutchinson

Dimensions: 184mm x 108mm. 72 pages, 12 colour plates and 2 B&W plates. Hardback, embossed title on spine. Concept by John Hutchinson; layout and production by Robin Watkins and Jesper Canell.