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Sean Lynch | A Walk Through Time / What Is An Apparatus?


Published on the occasion of the Sean Lynch exhibition at the Douglas Hyde Gallery, February 17 – April 5, 2017. Two volumes, designed by Wayne Daly, are housed in a gatefold plastic sleeve, and are each dedicated to one of the two bodies of work in the exhibition.

A Walk Through Time, includes 1:1 scale images of the photographs taken by the artist of Keith Payne’s diorama from the Burren Centre, a text by Michael Hill, and a selection of visual depictions of the Tau Cross of Kilnaboy from throughout the past 200 years. What Is An Apparatus? comprises stills from the video work of the same name, along with the script from Gina Moxley’s voiceover written by Sean Lynch.

Dimensions: 343mm x 235mm. 80 pages. Two paperback volumes with printed plastic gatefold sleeve.

Click here for details of the Sean Lynch exhibition.