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Welcome to Re-, the third iteration of The Douglas Hyde Magazine! The Magazine is a forum for experimental and plural perspectives on the role of art in society, initiated and delivered by The Douglas Hyde Student Forum Group 2021/2022.

The Student Forum Group is Ava Chapman, Matthew Coll, Rachel Gartlan, Bill Harris, Rachel Heavey, Evan Kelly, Day Magee, Hannah Martensson, Fionn Mcerlean, Courtney McKee, Cáit Murphy, Sofia Rudi Kent and Matthew Wilson. They are all students or recent graduates from across Ireland and multiple disciplines who have engaged with The Douglas Hyde programming over the last 10 months.

During that time they have explored the purpose and possibilities of the gallery space as well as participation, accessibility and exclusion by considering socially engaged artistic and institutional practices, reflecting on the barriers that stop audiences from engaging with art. They have asked the question: Who and how are we excluding?

The theme of “worldmaking practices” emerged as a point of departure to reflect on the role of art as a gateway to consider the ways in which we look, and the ways in which we live and connect with the world around us.

Perspectives presented by each member of the group vary; from lived experiences to imagined futures, to the evaluation of our engagement with the world around us. Each contribution offers us a gateway to think, engage, reflect and imagine.

Hard copies of the magazine are available at the gallery. The digital version can be downloaded from the link on this page.