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Rendering New Realities: Access and Alterity

Rendering New Realities: Access and Alterity is a project by the Student Forum Group.

The Student Forum Group is Gabriel Coleman, Lauren Conway, Ross Fraser-Smith, Aditi Kapoor, Ben Malcolmson, Henry Martin, Rachael Melvin, Holly Moore, Dylan Mundy-Clowry, Dianne Murphy, Jonathan O’Grady, Shaista Sosrowardoyo and Luke van Gelderen. They are all students or recent graduates who have engaged with The Douglas Hyde programming and our Taking Part Project over the last twelve months.

During that time they have explored participation, accessibility and exclusion by breaking down and reflecting on the barriers that stop particular audiences from engaging with art. They have asked the question: Who and how are we excluding? The theme of Access and Alterity (the quality or condition of being other or different; otherness) emerged as a point of departure to reflect on new perspectives on the role of art, and they have adopted this online interactive magazine format and a presentation of their individual and collaborative projects at the gallery for Culture Night 2021.

Perspectives presented by each member of the group vary; from addressing lived experiences of exclusions and imagined futures of inclusion, to the evaluation of our engagement with the virtual, digital and online world. Each contribution offers us a gateway to think, engage, reflect and imagine.