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Screening Series

The Screening Series brings together works by artists and filmmakers who seek to challenge the conventions of the moving image and to examine its evolving role.

Martina Attille
Dreaming Rivers

Dreaming Rivers (1988) is a film written and directed by Martina Attille for Sankofa Film & Video. In this allegorical work, actor Corinne Skinner Carter performs the role of Ms T, a black Caribbean woman in transition. Her children Daughter (Angela Wynter), Sister (Nimmy March) and Sonny (Roderick Hart) sit at her bedside and attend to […]

Black Audio Film Collective
Twilight City

The Douglas Hyde is delighted to present the second of the screenings of Art from the African Diaspora as part of Alice Rekab’s multi-platform project FAMILY LINES: Black Audio Film Collective’s film Twilight City (1989).

Jumana Manna
A Magical Substance Flows Into Me

We are delighted to present the third iteration of our screening series with a work by Berlin-based artist Jumana Manna. Working primarily in film and sculpture, Manna’s work explores how power is articulated through relationships, often focusing on the body and materiality in relation to narratives of nationalism, and histories of place. Her fascinating 2015 […]

Steve Bishop
Standard Ballad

We are delighted to present the second iteration of our screening series with a work by London-based artist Steve Bishop. We are working with Bishop on his forthcoming exhibition in Gallery 2, his first in Ireland, which will open alongside Yuri Pattison’s solo exhibition.

Yuri Pattison

We are delighted to present the first iteration of our screening series with a new work by Yuri Pattison, considered to be one of the most influential young artists addressing the impact of digital technology on both infrastructure and everyday life. Pattison works across video, sculpture, and online platforms to explore the political, material and […]