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Student Forum Group 2024

Alexander Williams

Alexander ‘Pug’ Williams is a multi-disciplinary artist from so-called Australia, currently residing in Dublin, Ireland. He graduated with his BFA from RMIT University in 2023 majoring in Sculpture. His creative practice integrates an expansive variety of traditional and non-traditional mediums and is preoccupied with immersion, world-building, materiality, art as play, creative intuition and consciousness.

Alex is the outgoing President of the RMIT Sculpture Club and is passionate about facilitating a safe, supportive environment that connects humans and allows them to express, embrace and expand their creativity authentically. Alex has participated in and curated group exhibitions, hosted five of his solo exhibitions and recently participated in an international research program in Hanoi, partnered with UNESCO, RMIT and the Vietnam Festival of Creativity and Design.

Conn McCarrick

Conn McCarrick is an emerging Irish artist and graduate of the National College of Art and Design in Dublin. Conn has exhibited his work in Ireland, the UK and the USA. His photography focuses on the experience of queer young people in Ireland and draws from his background in campaigning for social and political rights. Currently, Conn is in final year of the BA in Photographic Media at Griffith College Dublin and is a member of MART studios in Harold’s Cross.

Corinne Mahon

Corinne is a third year History and Political Science student and artist from Philadelphia. Her current work visualises the veil that distinguishes experiencing art from simply observing it. She utilises photography to capture the interactive synergy between humanity and nature, transforming this relationship into more tangible mediums of fashion and sculpture. She most recently had her work published in the University Times and TN2.

Darly Benneker

Darly Benneker is a Dutch-Colombian visual artist and educator based between Rotterdam and Dublin. She holds an MA in Education in Arts (2020) from the Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam. She was granted with the Prins Bernard Culture Fonds Scholarship to attend the MFA programme at The National College of Art and Design in sculpture 2024-2025. Her practice is rooted in an investigation of memories, the construction of identity, interpersonal relationships of intimacy and physical human (dis) location. Supported by environmental, eco colonialism, art pop studies, and the cultural history of bodies she explores the parameters of her own body, aiming at its intimacy, fragility and sensitivity (both mentally and physically). Her practice is situated in the realm of sculptures, performances, videos and sound, creating intimate and fragile environments to point out non-hetero normative representations and materials that can evoke a sense of safety and connection. Besides her personal artistic work, for many years now, she has been working as a freelance public programmer/producer for various art institutions and artists in Rotterdam, such as TENT Rotterdam, Kunstinstelling Melly, Gallery Mama, Maja Bekan, Santiago Pinyol and more. In 2020 she started working as a lecturer at the Arts and Craft-Associate degree, De Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam.

Emily Geary

Emily Geary is a final year History of Art and Architecture student at Trinity College Dublin. Drawing on her studies of art and design in nature, she is interested in works that rehabilitate the urban environment, with a keen emphasis on social engagement and education. Additionally, she is intrigued by the concept of the gallery space and its ability to transform and exist within alternative environments.

Falon Weaver

Falon Weaver is an American visual artist based in Dublin and a recent Fine Art Painting graduate from NCAD. Her painting practice is grounded in image making processes, often pairing representational oil painting with found object installation. Drawing from a personal archive of nature and wildlife imagery taken from her home place in Pennsylvania and time spent living in Norway and Ireland, Weaver’s work seeks to create silly moments inspired by absurdist narratives and the digital lens from which many experience the outdoors today. Weaver also makes up one half of a collaborative practice with artist Aoife Ní Dhuinn which documents collective exchanges through installation, public interventions, and publications.

Weaver is a current member of Ormond Art Studios and co-chair of After School Special Dublin, a peer critique group for emerging artists. Her practice is currently supported by the Thomas Dammann Junior Memorial Award 2023, and the Arts Council Agility Award 2023. Recent exhibitions include My Heart-Shaped Fiskekaker Won’t Fit in My Suitcase, 2022, Galleri Taxi, Bergen, Norway (group), Shitposting From The Cryosphere, 2022, NCAD Atrium Space (two-person), As Good A Way As Any, 2023, NCAD Works, and 21 Bridges to the Sea, Clancy Quay Art Studios, 2024 (group).

Josie Sanne

Josie Sanne is a visual artist based in Dublin, Ireland. In 2023, she graduated from NCAD with a BA in Textile, Art and Artefact and Visual Culture. Her expanded practice stems from an interest in documenting changes within the built environment, and the resulting effects on surrounding communities. She works with sculpture, found objects, writing, and textile and photographic elements to produce installations and publications surrounding rootedness and the effects of change.

Her recent publication Second-Hand will be included in Dublin Art Book Fair 2023. Her writing on archival context has been included in the publication Chasing a Unicorn in collaboration with NCAD and the National Gallery’s Centre for the Study of Irish Art. She was a participant on the 2023 Superprojects x Clancy Quay Professional Development Programme, and is an avid collector of things.

Karen Rodrigues Enokibara

Karen Rodrigues Enokibara was born in Tocantins Brazil and relocated several times through three different regions of the country before eventually moving to Ireland where she now resides. This colourfully diverse background has inherently seeped into her art practice, where she attempts to articulate past experiences and current influences. In 2022, Enokibara completed her studies in Animation and Motion Design in LSAD and immediately embarked on a Master’s program in Fine Art where she began delving and reflecting on the  intersections of her Japanese, Portuguese, and Brazilian heritage within the context of growing up in Ireland. Her artistic approach involves the deconstruction of antique kimonos and sculpting of cold porcelain in combination with traditional oil painting and drawing techniques, inspired by the European old masters she grew up admiring.

Lisa Brouwer

Lisa Brouwer is an M.Phil student in Psychoanalytic Studies at Trinity College Dublin. She holds a degree in Philosophy from the University of Amsterdam, a city where she has been keenly involved in autonomous organisations and collectives and is particularly drawn to intersections of academic and artistic efforts where critical thought, film, and language collide.

Maliya Tadjine

Maliya Tadjine is in her final year studying English and Sociology at UCD. Theater credits include performing in Everyone is lying, You look easy and Costume Design for 39 steps. Maliya enjoys working both behind the scenes and performing on stage. She has recently directed her first short film which is now in post-production.

Manuel McCarthy Valderrama

Manuel McCarthy Valderrama is a Spanish and Irish multidisciplinary emerging artist based in Dublin and dedicated to exploring utopian ideals, envisioning a realm where objects and bodies (co)exist beyond utilitarianism. He holds a BA in Fine Arts from Universidad Complutense de Madrid (2021) and an MA in Art and Technology from the University of Limerick (2022). His work has been showcased nationally at the Goethe Institut Irland, the National Gallery of Ireland, 126 Gallery, and the National Botanic Gardens. He has participated in international funded projects in Germany (Creative Pathways 2022) and Spain (Esto va de Micro, 2023), resulting in exhibitions in Silent Green, Berlin and Universidad Complutense de Madrid. His research has been published in international art journals. He has worked across various art organizations, including the National Gallery of Ireland, the Irish Museum of Modern Art, and the Irish Embassy Berlin. His background spans visual art, theatre, music, and creative coding.

Oisin Tozer

Oisin Tozer is an Irish multidisciplinary artist. Tozer’s Practice draws upon materials, media and mechanisms to investigate our understanding of and relationship with nature. Sustained by an interest in philosophy and a range of material concerns, Tozer’s practice involves the development of various separate works which form an interconnected set of relationships, culminating in an installation.

These installations collapse binaries surrounding understandings of nature, as seemingly divergent forms of matter are allowed to exist in a form of co-constitution.  The work speaks to how our experience of the natural is based more in relationality, duration and site, disrupting views of the natural that are reductive or categorical. Throughout Tozer’s practice, there is the rejection of the natural as being a fixed, inherent quality, with a focus on the slippages and processes of transformation that are paradoxically fundamental to nature.

Samar Nezamabad

Samar Nezamabad is a Limerick-based artist examining the nature of time through lens-based media and installation work. She has a passion for providing opportunities for emerging artists to be brought into the public eye. Her efforts have culminated in Work in Progress (2023) in Limerick School of Art & Design and ADVANCE (2022) in spacecraft studios, Limerick. Her work was also exhibited in the above shows, as well as ORIGINS (2023) in Lismore Castle Arts, Remembering the Future (2023) in VISUAL Carlow, and The Limerick Show (2022) in Ormston House. She is a graduate of Fine Art Painting, Limerick School of Art and Design, and was the chairperson of the LSAD Exhibition Society for the academic year of 2022-23. She received the Collector General Purchase Award in 2023 for her work in the LSAD Graduate Show.

Shane Malone-Murphy

Shane Malone-Murphy is a Wicklow-based artist, who recently graduated with a first-class honours degree in Sculpture and Combined Media From The Limerick School of Art and Design. His work concerns itself with the entanglement of the human experience with landscape on both the personal and cultural realms. His work specifically takes note of the impact of grief upon one’s experience of the world. His practice is committed to harnessing the power of grief as a catalyst for ecological and social change. By understanding grief in a broader context, he aims to expose its potential to drive meaningful shifts in our relationship with the environment.

Struàn Bell

Struàn Bell is a Jersey-born Scottish-Irish visual artist and 2023 graduate of the Limerick School of Art and Design where he received a first class honours BFA in Sculpture and Combined Media. Bell’s practice is primarily informed by a deep understanding of the Sublime, a philosophical aesthetic concept describing the sense of awe, terror, and admiration in the face of immense greatness, whether physical, metaphysical, intellectual, or spiritual. As Bell sees it, the Sublime is the threshold where the tangible meets the intangible, the finite encounters the infinite and the mundane converges with the metaphysical.

Bell’s work incorporates the mediums of object making, drawing, conceptual architecture, writing, painting, and video. He explores the many aspects of the Sublime, with each medium investigating how the Sublime affects the vast landscape of the human psyche. These investigations, architectural, objective, written or otherwise, invite the viewer to consider their own relationship with the Sublime. Bell wishes for the viewer to contemplate his narratives of the Sublime and the concept as an experience where the lines between reality and abstraction blur.